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Swedish Authorities Close In On Bomber's Identity


A video grab showing the suspected suicide bomber, Taimour Abdulwahab
A Swedish prosecutor has indicated the man suspected of engineering a suicide bombing and car explosion in Sweden on December 11 was Taimour Abdulwahab, saying authorities are "98 percent" certain of his identity.

Abdulwahab, 28, was born in Iraq but is a Swedish citizen who also lived for a time in Britain.

Abdulwahab was the registered owner of the car that exploded in central Stockholm, a blast followed minutes later by a suicide bombing.

He is believed to have blown himself up, wounding two people, but police said the bomber's remains have not yet been identified by DNA testing.

Sweden's lead investigating attorney, Thomas Lindstrand, also said today that the suspected bomber likely worked with accomplices to arrange the attack, which he described as "well prepared."

Authorities earlier today said the suspected bomber sent an e-mail invoking "jihad" 10 minutes prior to the explosion.

Swedish authorities earlier called the attack an act of terrorism.

compiled from agency reports