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Assad Wins Presidential Election In 'Landslide'

Bashar al-Assad has been reelected president of Syria.

The country's parliament speaker announced on June 4 that Assad had captured nearly 89 percent of the vote, easily beating the two other candidates.

Voter turnout was put at more than 73 percent.

Ballots were cast on June 3 only in areas under the control of forces loyal to Assad.

The country's opposition denounced the election amid Syria's civil war as a farce, a criticism echoed by Western countries, including the United States.

On a visit to Lebanon, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said the election had changed nothing in Syria.

"The conflict is the same, the terror is the same, the killing is the same," Kerry said.

Analysts said the victory boosts Assad's power base, and provides further proof he has no intention of relinquishing power.
Based on reporting by AP and Reuters