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Syria Cuts Off Internet Access

Two U.S.-based Internet-monitoring companies say Syria's government has shut down the Internet across the country.

The unprecedented blackout comes amid heavy fighting around Damascus airport.

Renesys, a U.S.-based network security firm that studies Internet disruptions, says Syria effectively turned off the Internet around noon.

Another U.S.-based company that distributes content on the Internet, Akamai Technologies, also confirmed a complete outage for Syria.

Residents also said mobile and land telephone lines worked only sporadically in what appeared to be the worst disruption to communications in Syria in the 20-month-long uprising against President Bashar Assad.

Meanwhile, Egypt's and Dubai's carriers said they suspended November 29 flights to Damascus.

State television said the highway to the airport was safe, hours after reports of fierce battles in the area.

Based on reporting by AP, AFP, and Reuters