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Russia Condemns Unilateral EU Sanctions On Syria


Protesters hold Syrian flags during a rally in the district of Homs on September 2.
Moscow says it disapproves of unilateral EU sanctions on Syria.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, speaking in Dushanbe, said, "We have always said that unilateral sanctions will lead to nothing good. This ruins the partnership approach to any crisis."

His comments came as the EU ratcheted up its sanction on Damascus, with a ban on all imports of oil from Syria taking effect today.

Overnight, the EU also added three companies to its list of Syrian firms with which Europeans are banned from doing business and added four more names to a list of some 50 Syrians targetted by EU asset freezes and travel bans.

Syrian forces were reported to have killed at least 17 people on September 2 during protests against the government.