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Syrians Find 20 Bodies In Deraa Mass Grave

Pro-democracy activists in the Syrian city of Daraa says residents discovered a mass grave near the city on May 16.

Activists say the bodies are those of protesters killed by army troops and snipers cracking down on antigovernment demonstrations that began in mid-March.

Residents said they pulled 13 bodies from the meter-deep grave and saw six or seven more bodies in the ground before army troops forced them back from the area.

Syrian rights activists have posted the names of more than 775 people they say have been killed across the country since mid-March.

They say more are missing. Some 34 protesters were reportedly killed by government troops in the last five days in Daraa and the nearby town of Inkhil.

Protesters are demanding greater reforms, freedoms and the ousting of President Bashar al-Assad.

There are suggestions that U.S. President Barack Obama might single out Syria and even Assad himself, for punitive measures as part of a comprehensive speech this week in the Middle East on the region.

compiled from agency reports