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Shareholders Stage Protest In Tehran, Blame Government For Recent Losses

After suffering losses in recent months amid Iran's crumbling economy, shareholders protested outside the parliament building in Tehran on January 20.

A group of Iranian shareholders who have suffered losses in recent months have held a protest outside the parliament building in Tehran saying that government policies led to a decline in stock prices.

Some of the protesters on January 20 chanted slogans against Iran’s president, Ebrahim Raisi, calling him a liar, according to amateur videos posted online.

Stock market investors have held a number of similar protests in recent months where they've blamed government policies for their losses.

Raisi and his cabinet ministers have promised to deal with recent swings in stock prices, which have been caused in part by uncertainty over the fate of international negotiations aimed at reviving a nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers.

Iran’s deteriorating economy, crushed by crippling U.S. sanctions and years of mismanagement, has also prompted many protests in recent months.