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Thousands Rally Against Egyptian Military

Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate Muhammad Morsi rally on Cairo's Tahrir Square on June 21.
Thousands of Egyptians have rallied in Cairo's Tahrir Square to protest moves by the ruling generals to extend their power.

The protest came with Egyptians still awaiting official final results of last weekend's presidential runoff election.

Victory has been claimed by both candidates.

During the demonstration, the cleric who led Friday Prayers in the square said Muhammad Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood's candidate, was the clear winner of the election.

Ahmed Shafiq, who was the last prime minister under ousted President Hosni Mubarak, maintains he is the winner and has accused the Muslim Brotherhood of trying to intimidate election officials.

The protesters chanted against the ruling military council, which last week gave itself sweeping legislative and executive powers after dissolving the Islamist-dominated parliament.

Based on reporting by AFP and dpa