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Security Tightened On Anniversary Of Tiananmen Crackdown

Reports say security has been tightened around Tiananmen Square on the 27th anniversary of China’s bloody crackdown on student-led pro-democracy protests.

According to AP, police were checking IDs and searched bags of anyone seeking to enter the vast public space in the center of Beijing where thousands of students, workers, and ordinary citizens gathered in 1989 to demand political reforms.

Hundreds, possibly thousands, of people were killed as tanks and troops converged on Beijing on the night of June 3-4, 1989.

The topic remains taboo in China and any form of commemoration, whether public or private, is banned.

Ahead of the anniversary, family members of those killed in the crackdown were placed under additional restrictions, either confined to their homes or forced to leave the capital.

China's government has rejected their calls for an independent accounting of the events and those killed and maimed by soldiers.

Based on reporting by AP and AFP