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Police Use Teargas On Protesters In Tunis

Daily demonstrations against the government have rocked the Tunisian capital, Tunis, for the past week.
Tunisian police have fired teargas at protesters throwing stones outside the prime minister's office in Tunis as part of a campaign to remove the interim government.

The protesters, who came to the capital on January 23 and are mostly from poor rural areas, have demanded the resignation of interim Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi, who served under deposed ruler Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali.

Ghannouchi has pledged to step down after new elections can be held, which are expected within six months.

Tunisians have held daily protests since the interim government was announced last week, calling also for the dismantling of Ben Ali's powerful RCD party.

Ben Ali resigned and fled to Saudi Arabia on January 14 under pressure from a wave of protests in which tens of people were killed by security forces.

compiled from agency reports