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Turkmenistan Says 15 People Killed In Blasts

The blast damaged Abadan homes
Turkmenistan says two servicemen and 13 civilians died in a series of blasts last week in a town 20 kilometers from the capital, Ashgabat.

The death toll was the first reported by the reclusive Central Asian state since the July 7 explosions.

The TDH news agency said the initial blast went off at a fireworks storage facility in Abadan, with the blazes then spreading to a munitions dump.

In a July 10 statement, the Turkmen Foreign Ministry said that media reports about the mass scale of deaths and destruction were misleading and inaccurate.

But TDH quoted Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov as saying that an "essentially new city" will be built "in place of the old Abadan."

compiled from agency reports