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Two Russian Landfill Protesters Hospitalized, Two Detained At Dump Site Near Arkhangelsk

People protest against the construction of a local waste dump in Arkhangelsk on April 7.

Two protesters have been hospitalized and two others detained during an ongoing rally against the construction of a new landfill near the northwestern city of Arkhangelsk, located some 1,000 kilometers north from Moscow.

Activists who have been protesting against the garbage dump in the town of Shiyes near Arkhangelsk said on May 27 that security guards at the construction site used force to prevent protesters from getting closer as work continued apace.

One protester was hospitalized with injuries he sustained while in a clash with guards and another suffered a heart attack, the activists said, adding that three protesting women were forced into a ditch filled with water.

It was the third time this month that protesters against the dump have allegedly been beaten by security guards or police.

Online news agency MBKh Media said that two protesters, Radik Adnobayev and Aleksei Bobretsov, were detained and taken away by police.

The construction of the new landfill near Arkhangelsk started in July 2018, and protests against it began in August.

Local authorities say that some 10.5 million tons of garbage is to be transferred to the site from Moscow in the next 20 years.

Similar rallies have been held in recent months in other Russian cities and towns.

Nationwide rallies took place in 30 regions across Russia on February 3.

With reporting by MBKh Media