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Top U.S. Senate Republicans Plan Probes Of Russian Meddling, Defying Trump

U.S.Senator Lindsey Graham (file photo)
U.S.Senator Lindsey Graham (file photo)

Leading U.S. Senate Republicans will investigate alleged meddling by Russia in the U.S. presidential election last month and potential Russian cyberthreats to the military, putting them on a collision course with U.S. President-elect Donald Trump.

Trump has shrugged off allegations that Russia had any role in the November election and wants to "get along" better with Russia, setting him apart from most of his Republican allies on Capitol HIll.

The powerful Senate Armed Services chairman, John McCain of Arizona, is readying a probe of possible Russian cyberincursions into U.S. weapons systems. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker (Tennesssee), whom Trump has considered for secretary of state, also intends to hold hearings next year into alleged Russian hacking.

McCain and Senator Lindsey Graham (South Carolina) are taking the hardest line on Russia and have been highly critical of Trump for praising Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Graham plans a series of investigative hearings next year into “Russia’s misadventures throughout the world,” including allegations of Russian meddling in the U.S. elections.

“I’m going after Russia in every way you can go after Russia. I think they’re one of the most destabilizing influences on the world stage. I think they did interfere with our elections, and I want Putin personally to pay the price,” Graham told CNN.

Based on reporting by CNN and Washington Post