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Ukrainian Antigay Activists Demand Amendments To EU Pact

Protesters outside the Polish Embassy in Kyiv on October 31 decried what they said was a "homodictatorship."
KYIV -- Antigay activists in Ukraine are demanding that a clause banning discrimination against sexual minorities be excluded from the Association Agreement that Kyiv hopes to sign with the EU in Vilnius next month.

Dozens of members of the Parents' Committee of Ukraine rallied in front of the Polish Embassy in Kyiv on October 31, saying the clause promotes what they called a "homo-dictatorship."

The protesters delivered a letter addressed to former Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski, who is currently in Ukraine.

They urged Kwasniewski to help Ukraine "save traditional family values" as Ukraine inches closer to the EU.

In February, a new draft law that would prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation was submitted for debate in the Ukrainian parliament.

The law was proposed in accordance with EU conditions attached to the signing of the Association Agreement.

It is still being discussed.