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Ukrainian Nationalist Party Resumes Blocking Russian Truck Transit

Ukraine's nationalist Svoboda party has announced it will again block Russian trucks from transiting through Ukraine.

Writing on Facebook, party leader Oleh Tyahnybok said members of Svoboda had resumed the blockade on February 26.

Ukrainian activists began blocking Russian trucks at Ukrainian border points earlier this month.

Moscow responded on February 14 by suspending Ukrainian truck transit through Russia.

But two days later on February 16 officials from Moscow and Kyiv agreed to allow Ukrainian trucks stuck in Russia or at the border to return to Ukraine.

On February 19 Russian trucks stuck in Ukraine's western Zakarpattya region began the journey out of Ukraine.

In his Facebook post, Tyahnybok criticized the Ukrainian authorities for the deal with Moscow, calling them "traitors" and saying that "national interests are higher than business interests."

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