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Opponents Of Kyiv Protests Gather At Barricade

A Ukrainian antigovernment protester stands atop barricades in the center of Kyiv.
KYIV -- Thousands of people angered by months of antigovernment protests in Kyiv converged on one of the protesters' barricades on February 8 and then retreated after a nonviolent standoff.

About 2,000 people gathered in the vicinity a protest barricade near city hall at midday, blocking traffic on the capital's main avenue.

Protesters from the antigovernment side stood atop the three-meter barricade, including members of their self-defense force carrying metal shields and wearing protective headgear.

The standoff ended after two hours.

The encounter underlined tensions in Kyiv that persist as protests continue for a third month with no sign of concession from either opposition groups or the government.

The protests began in late November after the government backed away from an agreement to deepen ties with the EU to pursue closer relations with Russia.

With reporting by AP