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Journalists From Tatarstan Kidnapped, Beaten In Ukraine

KYIV -- Two journalists from Russia's Republic of Tatarstan are recovering after being kidnapped and severely beaten in Ukraine's capital, Kyiv.

Journalist Nikita Perfilyev of the KazanFirst online news portal and his cameraman, Anton Zakharov, had been sent to Kyiv to cover the antigovernment protests.

KazanFirst said the two men were kidnapped on January 31 and beaten by unknown men who spoke Russian without Ukrainian accents.

The kidnappers urged the two journalists to leave Ukraine immediately. The two were later released by their kidnappers.

Perfilyev said in his blog that several of his front teeth were knocked out and that he sustained numerous bruises to his face.

Zakharov also sustained numerous facial bruises.

The attackers took the journalists' passports, money, and credit cards.

Perfilyev said he intended to remain in Ukraine and continue his work.

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