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Ukrainian Nationalists Picket Russian Embassy In Kyiv

Ukrainian nationalists submit a petition to the Russian Embassy in Kyiv demanding more rights for ethnic Ukrainians living in Russia.
KYIV -- Some 50 Ukrainian nationalists have picketed the Russian Embassy in Kyiv to demand that the rights of ethnic Ukrainians in Russia be respected, RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service reports.

The organizers of the rally on April 18 say the Ukrainian minority in Russia is deprived of the right to education in the Ukrainian language, but in Ukraine ethnic Russian children can attend Russian-language schools.

The picketers held placards saying such things as "We Shall Not Give Our Sovereignty to the Kremlin!" "Down with Russian Imperialism!" and "Moscow, Repent!"

The protesters also displayed the banners of the Ukrainian National-Patriotic Liberty movement, the People's Movement of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Nationalists' Congress, and the Ukrainian flag.

Nobody came out of the Russian Embassy to talk to the protesters, who managed to give their petition to the security officers to pass on to embassy officials.

Activists from the Ukrainian National-Patriotic Liberty movement told journalists that they will picket the Russian Consulate in the Black Sea port of Odesa today. The protest actions are part of a so-called "Week of Solidarity with Ukrainians in the Russian Federation."

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