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UN Condemns Islamist Persecution Of Iraqi Minorities

The UN Security Council has condemned the persecution and killing of religious minorities in Iraq by the extremist Islamic State (IS) and warned that it could be held liable for crimes against humanity.

The council condemned the IS and loyal armed groups for attacking and killing minorities, including Yazidis and Christians, as well as Iraqis who oppose their "extremist ideology."

The Islamic State -- formerly known as the ISIL -- captured large parts of northern and western Iraq last month along with disgruntled Sunni tribes.

The IS issued an ultimatum on August 2 to tens of thousands of Yazidis -- who follow an ancient religion related to Zoroastrianism -- to convert to Islam, pay a fine, flee, or be killed.

It made a similar threat to Christians in Mosul two weeks earlier and has blown up several religious shrines and Shi'ite mosques.

Based on reporting by AP, UN statement