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OPCW Team In Syria To Dismantle Chemical Weapons

UN chemical weapons experts departing Syria on September 30
A team of experts from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has arrived in Syria to begin the process of dismantling Syria's chemical weapons.

A convoy of some 20 vehicles carrying the experts, equipment, and security personnel crossed into Syria from Lebanon on October 1.

The experts' mission has been endorsed by the UN Security Council after a deal was agreed by the United States and Russia.

The deal was worked out after an August 21 chemical-weapons attack near Damascus reportedly killed hundreds.

The Syrian government denies responsibility for the attack but agreed to the destruction of its chemical weapons amid the threat of Western military strikes.

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On Monday, a separate team of UN inspectors left Syria after a mission to investigate the August 21 attack and six other alleged instances of chemical-weapons use in Syria.

Based on reporting by Reuters and AFP