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UN Warns Rising Asian Wealth Poses Danger For World Fish Stocks

Scene from a fish market in Venice, Italy (file photo)
Marine experts working with the United Nations say rising wealth in Asia and fishing subsidies from governments are helping drive the overexploitation of the world's fish resources.

The UN Environment Program also says in a new report that fish habitats are continuing to be destroyed by pollution and climate change.

The report warns that up to 32 percent of the world's fish stocks are overexploited, depleted, or recovering.

It adds that up to half of the world's mangrove forests and one-fifth of coral reefs that are fish spawning grounds have already been destroyed.

The UN is calling for less destructive ways of fishing to help restore coastal and ocean health.

The report comes as the UN agency is leading a conference in Manila of experts and officials from 70 governments, called the "Global Conference on Land-Ocean Connections."

compiled from agency and RFE/RL reports