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U.S. Democratic Lawmakers Sue Trump Over Foreign Payments

U.S. President Donald Trump (file photo)

More than 190 Democratic members of the U.S. Congress are suing President Donald Trump in federal court over foreign money flowing into his real estate group.

The complaint is being filed early on June 14 in district court for the District of Columbia, according to two lawmakers who are among the plaintiffs.

The complaint says Trump has not sought congressional approval for any of the payments the Trump Organization had received from foreign governments since he took office in January, even though the U.S. Constitution requires him to do so.

The constitution's Foreign Emoluments Clause bars officeholders from accepting payments and gifts from foreign governments without congressional approval.

The White House and Justice Department did not immediately comment.

Similar lawsuits have been filed in recent months by a nonprofit ethics group, a restaurant trade group, and two senior prosecutors.

Based on reporting by AP and Reuters