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U.S. House Approves Spending Bill, Averts Government Shutdown

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed a $1.1 trillion bill to finance government agencies, averting a government shutdown.

The House approved the measure late on December 11 by 219-206 after President Barack Obama urged Democratic lawmakers to back the measure.

The compromise bill, which must now be approved by the Senate, would keep federal agencies funded through September.

Funding had been set to expire at midnight on December11, but lawmakers also passed a 48-hour extension to give the Senate more time to consider the spending bill.

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid said it would be debated on December 12.

Many conservatives opposed the spending bill because it did not block Obama's recent executive actions on immigration.

A large majority of House Democrats opposed it because of provisions easing some restrictions on banks and allowing higher political contributions by big donors.

Based on reporting by Reuters and AP