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U.S. House Speaker: Iran Deal 'Likely To Fuel' Nuclear Arms Race

U.S. Speaker of the House John Boehner (file photo)

U.S. House Speaker John Boehner has said a nuclear deal reached by Iran and world powers is "likely to fuel a nuclear arms race around the world."

Boehner said on July 14 that the deal will only "embolden" Tehran, adding that U.S. lawmakers will "review every detail of this agreement very closely."

President Barack Obama earlier vowed to veto any legislation in Congress that would prevent the implementation of the deal to curb Tehran's nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief.

Obama said the agreement would cut off every pathway to a nuclear weapon for Iran, which Western governments have long suspected of seeking the capability to build a bomb.

Congress will have 60 days to assess the deal, requiring Obama to await that review before easing some sanctions. During that time, lawmakers could try to assemble a veto-proof majority to back legislation that could impose new sanctions on Iran or keep existing ones in place.

Based on reporting by Reuters and AFP