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U.S. Intelligence Analysts Say Military Downplayed IS Threat

Dozens of U.S. intelligence analysts have claimed that top military officials changed their reports in order to downplay the strength of the extremist Islamic State (IS) group and Al-Qaeda's branch in Syria.

A report on the Daily Beast website on September 9 said that more than 50 analysts had expressed support for a complaint written by two colleagues and sent to a top Pentagon official in July.

The complaint said that military officials portrayed the groups as weaker than analysts believe that they are in their presentations to U.S. President Barack Obama.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter on September 10 told intelligence analysts that he expects "unvarnished, transparent intelligence…on a daily basis," according to Defense Department spokesman Peter Cook.

Cook added that the department's inspector-general is looking into the intelligence analysts' complaint.

Based on reporting by AP, Daily Beast, and AFP