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U.S., Allies Conduct 16 Air Strikes In Iraq, Six In Syria

The U.S. military has said that U.S. and coalition forces targeted the Islamic State (IS) group on June 19 with 16 air strikes in Iraq and six in Syria.

In Iraq, one strike hit an IS checkpoint and also destroyed a storage container near Al-Qaim, according to the statement.

The brunt of the force, though, was near Mosul, where six strikes hit a tactical unit, staging area and tank, while destroying a heavy machine gun and IS building.

There were also strikes near Baiji, Fallujah, Makhmur, Ramadi, Sinjar, and Tal Afar.

In Syria, coalition forces struck targets near Al-Haskah, Raqqa, and Tal Abyad.

Based on reporting by Reuters