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U.S. Drone Kills Two Al-Qaeda In Yemen

An unmanned U.S. "Predator" drone aircraft.
A U.S. drone strike has killed two Al-Qaeda militants in southern Yemen.

The August 10 attack in Lahj Province also wounded two other militants – one seriously.

Military officials in Yemen say it was the first U.S. drone attack in the area.

A total of nine U.S. drone strikes in Yemen since July 27 have killed 38 suspected militants, including seven Saudis and an Al-Qaeda bomb maker from Pakistan.

The strikes come after Washington evacuated diplomatic staff from Yemen amid intelligence reports suggesting Al-Qaeda was planning a major terrorist attack.

On August 11, 18 U.S. diplomatic posts that have been closed the past week across Africa and the Middle East were due to reopen.

But the embassy in Yemen and a consulate in Lahore, Pakistan are remaining closed for now.

Based on reports by AP, Reuters, and AFP.