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White House Defends Legality Of Libya Mission

The Obama administration rejects criticism that the U.S. president failed to provide a "compelling rationale" for the Libya mission.
The White House is insisting President Barack Obama has the authority to continue U.S. military action in Libya even without authorization from lawmakers in Congress.

In a 32-page report to Congress on June 15, the White House argues that the U.S. participation in the NATO-led bombing campaign against Muammar Qaddafi's forces did not require congressional authorization as the U.S. has only a limited, supporting role in the campaign.

The administration's defense of the Libya mission comes in response to a nonbinding resolution passed by the House of Representatives this month that criticized Obama for failing to provide a "compelling rationale" for U.S. involvement in Libya.

It its report, the White House also put the cost of U.S. military operations in Libya at about $715 million.

compiled from agency reports