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World’s Oldest Man, A Holocaust Survivor, Dies In Israel At Age 113

Israel Kristal, 1903-2017

Holocaust survivor Israel Kristal, who last year was recognized as the world’s oldest living man, died in Israel on August 11, aged 113.

Kristal died in the north port city of Haifa, a month short of his 114th birthday. He lived through both world wars and survived the Holocaust.

Born in what is now Poland on September 15, 1903, Kristal survived the Auschwitz death camp where his first wife, two children, and other family members were killed by the Nazis. He was the only survivor of his large Jewish family.

He married again after the war and moved to Israel in 1950.

His daughter Shula Kupershtuch said: "He always saw only light and good in everything."

Guinness World Records awarded Kristal a certificate as the world's oldest man in 2016.

Based on reporting by Reuters and AP