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World's Largest Flag Flying Again In Azerbaijan

Residents were evacuated after the flagpole began to wilt
Residents were evacuated after the flagpole began to wilt
BAKU -- The troubled Azerbaijani flag recognized as the world's largest -- when mounted -- is flying again, RFE/RL's Azerbaijani Service reports.

The flag -- which is 70 meters long and flies atop a 162-meter flagpole -- was
taken down on February 2 after officials said the flagpole was seen leaning during strong winds.

Officials said "tremors registered in the pole had been adjusted and regulated."

Police and Emergency Ministry officials evacuated the residents of a nine-storey apartment building near the flag complex after they noticed the flagpole had wilted. Authorities were concerned that the 220-ton pole could topple.

Residents returned to their homes on February 3.

The square was surrounded by Emergency Ministry officials for two days until
the flag was raised again today.

The flag, the pole, and the 60-hectare lighted complex upon which the flag is located cost approximately $24 million to construct.

The first large flag raised by Azerbaijani officials was torn to pieces by winds one day after it was raised in September.

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