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Afghan, ISAF Forces Detain 17 Suspected Terrorists

22 April 2004 -- Afghan and international security forces have arrested 17 people in connection with attacks purportedly planned for Kabul.

A statement from the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said three people were apprehended near Kabul's Olympic Stadium late yesterday and another was found later with an improvised explosive device.

ISAF and Afghan security forces raided a home where suspected members of a terrorist cell were gathered and arrested 13 people.

Meanwhile, U.S. forces fought with suspected Taliban fighters in the mountains of southern Afghanistan, killing two of the fighters and arresting two others.

Zabul Province Governor Khial Mohammed said today that U.S. troops received a tip yesterday about an unspecified number of Taliban supporters hiding in the area and acted on the information.

A bomb exploded near a bazaar in the southern city of Kandahar last night, damaging a nearby shop and
killing the suspected attacker.

The local military commander, General Khan Mohammad, told AP that the route near the bazaar is often used by Afghan and U.S. military vehicles, but neither the target nor the planners were immediately clear.