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UN Condemns Chechen Leader's Killing

Akhmed-hadji Kadyrov 10 May 2004 -- The UN Security Council and UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan today condemned the bombing that killed Chechen President Akhmed-hadji Kadyrov and several other people yesterday.

Both the Security Council and the secretary-general also extended condolences to the families of the victims.

The statements from the UN came as thousands of people turned out today for the funeral of Kadyrov in his home village.

Kadyrov, a former Muslim cleric and Chechen separatist rebel who had switched to Moscow's side, was killed during a ceremony in Grozny commemorating the end of World War II, apparently by a bomb planted under the seat.

Chechen Prime Minister and acting President Sergei Abramov spoke at the funeral today.

"The night before [Kadyrov's assassination], we talked about how we would build towns, how we would restore our economy together and live a peaceful life. I can say one thing to you now: He [Akhmed-hadji Kadyrov] had high hopes for you," Abramov said.

No one has claimed responsibility for the explosion, which killed at least four other people.