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Iran Says U.S. Threats 'Psychological Warfare'

Kamal Kharrazi (file photo) 20 January 2005 -- Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi today described recent U.S. statements about possible military action against Iran as "psychological warfare" intended to influence Iranian policy.

Kharrazi said Iran is aware of such "games" and will go ahead with its policies, trying to avoid any conflict while at the same time defending its interests.

Elsewhere, in Afghanistan, Afghan officials are also reacting to U.S. threats against Iran.

Afghan Defense Ministry spokesman General Mohammad-Zaher Azimi today said that Afghanistan should not allow any third country to use Afghan soil or air space in any action against Iran.

Azimi said Iran and Afghanistan have a history of friendly relations, which he said is enough to ensure that U.S. forces never take advantage of Afghan territory against Iran.