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World Reacts To Dissolution Of Ukrainian Government

Acting Prime Minister Yekhanurov (file photo) 8 September 2005 -- Leaders across the globe reacted today to news that Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko had sacked his entire government.

Speaking in Berlin, Russian President Vladimir Putin cautioned against making too much of the political crisis in Ukraine.

"I wouldn't dramatize the events taking place in Ukraine now. I'm sure the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian leaders will find the right solution. Russia on its part will assist as much as it can in stabilizing the situation in that country."

In Warsaw, Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski said that the current political crisis is a symptom of the difficult political and economic transition that Ukraine is undergoing.

He said Poland will to continue to back the country's European ambitions.

The United States also downplayed worries over Ukraine's future. A U.S. State Department official for European and Eurasian Affairs, Kurt Volker, said government dismissals and reshufflings were typical for democratic countries.

The European Union urged Yushchenko to act quickly to maintain stability, with EU spokeswoman Emma Udwin saying the EU is confident Yushchenko will remain committed to tackling corruption.

Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili said he supports Yushchenko's decision to dissolve the cabinet.

(compiled from news agencies)

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