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Azerbaijani Opposition Holds Protest Rally In Region

The opposition is preparing for another protest rally (file photo) (AFP) 18 November 2005 -- Azerbaijan's opposition today held a protest rally in the country's south to demand that the results of this month's disputed legislative election be voided.

The opposition Musavat party says hundreds of people demonstrated in the Caspian Sea town of Neftcala, south of Baku.

Musavat is one of the three parties that make up Azadliq (Freedom), Azerbaijan's main opposition coalition.

Azadliq claims that the 6 October polls were fraudulent and wants new polls to be held.

Azerbaijani authorities deny the accusations. However, they have admitted to some irregularities and cancelled the outcome of the vote in at least four constituencies.

Azadliq has announced plans to hold a protest rally in Baku tomorrow. It will be the third such demonstration in less than two weeks.


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