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Iraq: Iraqi Front For National Dialogue Official Discusses Party Platform

U.S. soldiers in Tal Afar (AFP) Mish'an al-Sa'id, Diyala governorate regional representative of the Iraqi Front for National Dialogue, was interviewed by RFI correspondent Salim Husayn in Ba'qubah on 7 November.

Al-Sa'id: The Iraqi Front for National Dialogue, led by [Sunni Arab constitution drafter] Salih al-Mutlaq, has decided to enter the upcoming election campaign with a broad electoral program. Among the goals of the Iraqi Front for National Dialogue is: first, to demand the occupation forces leave Iraq immediately; second, to launch a vast [economic] development campaign for building a progressive and prospering Iraq that will reach the level of advanced countries; and, third, solving unemployment by restoring the factories and companies that have ceased to work; starting to build large factories and companies for advanced technologies that would attract the brains of scientists and the hands of young, unemployed Iraqis. Today's Iraq needs to reunite its entire territory. At the same time, no Iraqi will accept that the beloved country is divided.

RFI: The population in the Diyala [Governorate] represents a mosaic [of ethnic and religious groups]. What is the position of the [Iraqi] Front [for National Dialogue] before the upcoming elections?

Al-Sa'id: The Iraqi Front for National Dialogue primarily builds on an Iraqi identity. Iraq, as you have said, is composed of a colorful mosaic. We have been calling Iraq a splendid garden that breeds flowers of various colors and fragrances. This [mixture] makes a specific Iraqi flavor. But this Iraq, and its people, has in its history known only an Iraqi identity -- it has not been built on sectarianism, racism, or ethnic chauvinism.

RFI: Many lists of candidates will be running for the elections in Diyala [Governorate]. What results do you expect for the [Iraqi] Front [for National Dialogue]?

Al-Sa'id: After all these years, the Iraqi people have been watching, starting to look for someone who will save Iraq. There is no doubt that these people will choose the list that is built solely on an Iraqi identity.

(Translated by Petr Kubalek)

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