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German Ex-Minister Appointed New Bosnia Envoy

(RFE/RL) 14 December 2005 -- Former German cabinet minister Christian Schwarz-Schilling has been appointed as the international community's new high representative in Bosnia.

Following a meeting in Paris of the international council overseeing the peace process in Bosnia, the French Foreign Ministry said Schwarz-Schilling is to take up his new functions "in a few weeks."

He will succeed Britain's Paddy Ashdown.

Schwarz-Schilling has been acting as an international mediator in the Balkans since 1995.


Meet The Newsmakers

Meet The Newsmakers

As part of its coverage of the 10th annversary of the Dayton Accord, RFE/RL spoke with Christian Schwarz-Schilling, who served as an international mediator in Bosnia-Herzegovina for nearly a decade and is now Germany's candidate to succeed Britain's Paddy Ashdown as the international community's and EU's high representative in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

(To listen the RFE/RL's interview with Mr. Schwarz-Schilling, click here for Real Audio or here for Windows Media.)

RFE/RL also spoke with Wolfgang Petritsch, the international community's high representative in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1999-2002.

(To hear RFE/RL's interview with Mr. Petritsch, click here for Real Audio or here for Windows Media.)