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(RFE/RL) 14 December 2005 -- Former German cabinet minister Christian Schwarz-Schilling has been appointed as the international community's new high representative in Bosnia.

Following a meeting in Paris of the international council overseeing the peace process in Bosnia, the French Foreign Ministry said Schwarz-Schilling is to take up his new functions "in a few weeks."

He will succeed Britain's Paddy Ashdown.

Schwarz-Schilling has been acting as an international mediator in the Balkans since 1995.


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As part of its coverage of the 10th annversary of the Dayton Accord, RFE/RL spoke with Christian Schwarz-Schilling, who served as an international mediator in Bosnia-Herzegovina for nearly a decade and is now Germany's candidate to succeed Britain's Paddy Ashdown as the international community's and EU's high representative in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

(To listen the RFE/RL's interview with Mr. Schwarz-Schilling, click here for Real Audio or here for Windows Media.)

RFE/RL also spoke with Wolfgang Petritsch, the international community's high representative in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1999-2002.

(To hear RFE/RL's interview with Mr. Petritsch, click here for Real Audio or here for Windows Media.)