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Kazakh Opposition Party Loses Appeal For Registration

Former presidential candidate Alikhan Baimenov (file photo) (RFE/RL) Astana, 21 December 2005 (RFE/RL) -- Kazakhstan's opposition Naghyz Ak Zhol party lost an appeal against the refusal by authorities to register the party.

The party released a statement today saying that the Astana city court had rejected their petition to overturn the Justice Ministry's decision not to allow the party to register.

The party's statement called the Astana city court's decision quote "illegal and anticonstitutional."

Naghyz Ak Zhol is a splinter party of the Ak Zhol party, formed after Ak Zhol leader Alikhan Baimenov cast out several other leaders in the party earlier this year.

Meanwhile, Bakhutgul Makimbay, the editor in chief of the opposition newspaper "Juma Times-Data Nedeli," told RFE/RL today that she received a letter from the Almaty Interregional Economic Court ordering the newspaper's activities temporarily suspended.

Kazakh authorities confiscated all copies of the newspaper at least three times before and after presidential elections in the country earlier this month.

(RFE/RL's Kazakh Service/AP)

The Voting In Images

The Voting In Images

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