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Romania Calls For End To U.S. Visas

Romanian President Basescu (file photo) (AFP) WASHINGTON, July 27, 2006 (RFE/RL) -- Romanian President Traian Basescu today met in Washington with U.S. President George W. Bush to discuss issues ranging from problems in the Black Sea region to supporting democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan.

After their White House meeting, both presidents expressed their support for Moldova's territorial integrity.

Part of Moldova, Transdniester, broke away from central control in the early 1990s and the cease-fire, overseen by Russian peacekeepers, has failed to develop into agreement about the status of the region.

During the visit, Basescu called for the United States to drop visas for Romanians.

Asked by reporters about the issue of visas, Bush said Washington is now grappling with the broad issue of immigration reform because of its many illegal immigrants.

Basescu said he is convinced Romanians do not wish to emigrate to the United States as Europe offers them many opportunities for employment. Instead, he said, it s primarily students who want visas to enter the United States.