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Ukrainian President To Decide On Premier

Viktor Yanukovych speaking to supporters in front of parliament on August 2 (epa) August 2, 2006 -- Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko faces a hard choice today as he struggles to decide whether to nominate his archrival as prime minister or dissolve parliament.

Yushchenko's spokeswoman, Iryna Herashchenko, said he may announce his decision this evening.

Fresh elections could plunge Ukraine into chaos and prolong its deepening political crisis.

Political leaders in Ukraine have been trying to form a government since parliamentary elections in March.

The nomination of Viktor Yanukovych, who heads the pro-Russian Party of Regions, is backed by a majority in parliament. But Yushchenko wants to ensure that any new government continues his pro-Western policies -- including Ukraine's bid to join NATO.

Marathon talks between Yushchenko and Yanukovych on August 1 failed to resolve their differences. But an official from the Party of Regions said today that they are close to a compromise on the NATO question.

(AP, Reuters)

The Key Players

The Key Players

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