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Russian Police Seize Endangered-Animal Parts

(RFE/RL) January 18, 2007 -- Police in Russia's far eastern Primorye region have seized a large cache of parts from several endangered species.

Officials seized 531 horns from the endangered saiga antelope and 283 bear paws from poachers.

The World Wildlife Fund says traffic police stopped a car that was also carrying five bags of bones, three pelts, eight paws, and two skulls thought to be from endangered Amur tigers.

Police could not be immediately reached for comment. Activists believe the car was probably heading to China.


The Post-Soviet Environment

The Post-Soviet Environment
The skull of a male saiga antelope in Kalmykia. Saiga numbers have collapsed disastrously over the last decade. (

THE FRAGILE PLANET: Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, old environmental disasters have come to light and new ones have emerged. War, poverty, and weak central-government control have led to serious environmental problems from Eastern Europe to the Russian Far East. RFE/RL has provided extensive coverage of these important issues and of efforts to cope with them.


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