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U.S Report Says Iraq Lags On Reconstruction

Much of Iraq's oil infrastructure is still not rebuilt (file photo) (AFP) July 30, 2007-- A U.S. government reports says Iraq's government has failed to take responsibility for reconstruction projects.

The special report, by a U.S. inspector-general, looked at how $44 billion in U.S. funds had been spent in Iraq since 2003.

The report said the Iraqi government had failed to take control of or maintain many U.S.-funded infrastructure projects.

It also said U.S. money for Iraq reconstruction is almost used up, and that the Iraqi government now has the responsibility for financing the country's recovery.

In other news, Britain's Oxfam charity says hunger and disease are spreading in Iraq.

The charity said in a report released today that 28 percent of Iraqi children are malnourished, 15 percent of Iraqis regularly cannot afford enough to eat and 70 percent lack clean drinking water.

The report said 2 million Iraqis have been forced to flee the country since 2003, and at least as many have been displaced within Iraq.

Oxfam pulled out of Iraq along with most other aid agencies because of deteriorating security in 2003.

(Reuters, AP)

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