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Experts Say Remains Of Tsar's Children Possibly Found

DNA tests will be carried out on these bone fragments, believed to be from the Tsar's children (ITAR-TASS) August 25, 2004 -- Russian forensic experts say they may have found the remains of two children of Russia's last tsar whose bodies have been missing since Bolshevik forces executed Russia's royal family in 1918.

The remains were reportedly found outside Yekaterinburg near the site where the remains of the other members of the royal family were discovered.

DNA testing still needs to be done to confirm that the remains belonged to Tsar Nicholas II's 13-year-old heir Aleksei and his daughter Maria.

The Prosecutor-General's office said on August 24 it was reopening a criminal investigation into the murder of Russia's royal family to allow for a DNA analysis.

(Reuters, AFP)