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Tatar-Bashkir Report: March 2, 1999

2 March 1999
Mukhametshin Again Derides Primakov Statement
State Council chairman Farit Mukhametshin dismissed the idea of Tatarstan consolidating with another territorial entity within the Russian Federation. Mukhametshin was again commenting on a recent statement by Russian Premier Yevgeny Primakov on the possibility of reducing the number of regions and republics in Russia. Mukhametshin said "there can be no discussions on affiliating the Republic of Tatarstan with any of the other territorial entities of Russian Federation." Mukhametshin also stressed that Tatarstan had the status of an associate member of the Russian Federation and that the first power-sharing treaty was signed between Kazan and Moscow five years ago. Mukhamaetshin said it would be "more reasonable" for the federal government to give greater responsibility to the regions.

Tatarstan Among Leaders In Attracting Investment
An estimated $684.1 million was invested by foreign companies in Tatarstan's economy in 1998, Interfax reported. That sum places Tatarstan third in total foreign investment among the regions of the Russian Federation, trailing only the Moscow city ($5.8 billion) and Moscow region ($708.7 million).

Working Schedule of Tatarstan's Government
The republican press reports that the next plenary session of Tatarstan's State Council is scheduled to take place on 11 March. The agenda includes debate on a draft law on taxes for gambling establishments and a bill on state and local self-government properties. On 9 March the Cabinet of Ministers will discuss the problems involved in reviving Tatarstan's aviation industry.

Compiled by Iskender Nurmi