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Tatar-Bashkir Report: December 2, 1998

2 December 1998
Indebted KamAZ Issues Treasury Bills To Pay Creditors
Tatarstan's KamAZ truck concern will issue 6.25 billion rubles (some $350 million) worth of inscribed bonds to repay its debts, Tatar media reported. Some 125 million bonds, worth 50 rubles apiece, are due to be transferred to KamAZ creditors, of which the Russian and Tatar governments, Sberbank, several commercial banks, and the U.S. company KKR are included. A rescheduling for KamAZ�s debt repayment was approved at a meeting of KamAZ shareholders on 1 December in Moscow.

Other Companies To Accept KamAZ T-bills In Lieu Of Cash?
Tatarstan�s Cabinet of Ministers has agreed to settle KamAZ's 2 billion rubles ($110 million) debt to the republican budget by transferring inscribed bonds from the truck concern to the government, Tatar Radio reported. The government also suggested that the Tatar electricity monopoly Tatenergo and the gas company Tatgazinvest receive KamAZ 1 billion rubles (more than $50 million) worth of KamAZ inscribed bonds as payment for the debts the truck builder owes those companies.

Electricity To Delinquent Companies Being Turned Off
Tatenergo has begun cutting power to some enterprises in the republic, Tatar radio reported. The first of the delinquent consumers were cut off on 30 November. Tatenergo will reportedly continue such measures until all debts have been repaid. Tatar enterprises owe Tatenergo more than $300 million.

Deputy Speaker: Pressure On Republics May Result In Russia's Disintegration
Tatar State Council Deputy Chairwoman Zilya Valeeva says that if the poor relations that exist today between Russia and its republics does not improve it could result in the breakup of the Russian Federation. Valeeva said in an interview with Tatar radio that a prime example of the depth of misunderstanding between the republics and Russia occurred at a Moscow seminar sponsored by the State Duma on 27-28 November. At the conference, which was about cooperation between executive and legislative bodies and was attended by representatives from 40 Russian regions, former USSR Supreme Soviet speaker Anatoly Lukyanov was quoted as saying that "Tatarstan destroys Russia." Valeeva responded by saying that those who have already caused the collapse of the USSR are now promoting the disintegration of the Russian Federation. She said the documents adopted at the seminar also testify to the belief that Moscow has abandoned the policy of developing federal relations and is now trying to create a unitary state.

Russians, Germans Discuss Federalist Principles
The constitutions and legal codes of the Russian Federation and its republics/regions were discussed at an international conference, The Legal Principles of Federalism, on 1 December in Kazan. The conference was held at the initiative of the German Fund for Legal Cooperation and was attended by political scientists from Moscow, the Chuvash Republic, Marii-El, and Bashkortostan, Tatar radio reported.

Tatar Medicines Exhibited In Dusseldorf
The Kazan pharmaceutical Tatkhimfarmpreparaty displayed its products at an international exhibition, Medicine-98, in Dusseldorf. Many attendees were reportedly attracted to the Kazan plant because of its natural medicines and other materiel that it produces for surgery. Tatkhimfarmpreparaty officials held talks with representatives from Iran, Egypt, Finland, and some Latin America countries interested in importing such goods, Tatar radio reported.

Accord Signed Between Tatar And Turkish Archival Boards
A cooperation agreement between the Archival Boards of Tatarstan and Turkey through the year 2000 was signed in Istanbul. Under the agreement, the Boards will exchange archival materials free-of-charge, Tatar radio reported.

Compiled by G. Khasanova