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President Saleh Vows To Return To Yemen 'Soon'

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh during his July 7 appearance on state television from Riyadh
Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh says he will return home "soon" from his convalescence in Saudi Arabia after being injured in Sana'a during a battle between opposition tribesmen and government troops.

In a speech broadcast live to a gathering of some 6,000 loyal tribesmen on August 16, Saleh also accused the opposition of hijacking the protest movement in Yeman that is demanding his resignation.

Saleh invited the opposition to go to the ballot box to end Yemen's political crisis, which is now in its seventh month.

Saleh appeared to be in better health than in his last televised appearance from a hospital in Riyadh.

He was flown to Saudi Arabia in early June for treatment after being wounded by a rocket attack on his Sana'a presidential compound.

Saleh said he was prepared to hand over power "via elections, not via coups."

compiled from agency reports