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Russian Scientist Facing High Treason Charges Hospitalized With Heart Attack

Valery Mitko reportedly stands accused of delivering top secret information to China.

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia -- A 79-year-old Russian scientist placed under house arrest after being charged with high treason has been hospitalized after suffering a heart attack.

Valery Mitko was taken to a hospital in St. Petersburg on June 17 after suffering a heart attack in his home, his lawyer Anton Golubev said.

Mitko was placed under house arrest in February 2020 on suspicion of transferring classified materials to China during regular visits he made there as a teacher.

Mitko has denied the charges. He and his lawyer insist that the only materials he took to China were related to his scientific and teaching work.

According to Russian media reports, Mitko stands accused of delivering top secret information to China about hydroacoustic research and the detection of submarines.

Treason charges against Russian researchers and scientists have become common in recent years.

With reporting by MBKh Media