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Battle Continues Against Deadly Wildfires In Russia

The heavy smoke and pollution in Moscow brought on by the wildfires in nearby forests
The battle continues in Russia against hundreds of wildfires that have killed dozens of people so far, caused transportation difficulties, and blanketed Moscow in haze and smoke that officials say is a major health risk to all residents.

The United States, Germany, and France are among countries that have warned their nationals to reconsider traveling to Moscow and other affected areas because of health and transportation concerns.

Scores of commercial airline flights have been grounded or diverted from Moscow airports after visibility was severely cut due to thick clouds of smoke.

Health officials have urged residents to avoid going outdoors or to wear masks, and hundreds of people are reported to have sought medical attention due to the smog.

Firefighters were reportedly battling hundreds of separate blazes amid the country's most intense heat wave in more than 100 years, and officials have acknowledged they have been facing a shortage of firefighters.

At least 52 people have died as a result of the blazes.

compiled from agency reports