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Celebrating Easter Across The Region

From the Balkans to the Caucasus, Christians in RFE/RL's broadcast region are celebrating Easter with local customs as well as traditions that have spread across the Christian world.

The art of pysanka, decorating eggs with melted colored wax, is a part of Easter celebrations in almost every Ukrainian family. Once a pagan symbol of nature's rebirth, pysanka later came to represent the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Easter cakes are on high demand in Moldova during Holy Week. Those who don't bake at home head to the markets, where round or lamb-shaped cakes are available -- while supplies last.

After Lent, Armenians look forward to breaking their fasts with traditional Easter dishes: eggs colored with red onion skins and fresh spinach salad garnished with flowers.

Christian children in Mostar, Bosnia, celebrate Easter both at school, where they learn religious songs, and at home, where families decorate eggs to exchange with relatives and neighbors.