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Clinton Says No Basis For Trial Of U.S. Hikers In Iran

The mothers of Americans Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer and Laura Fattal (left to right) hold their sons' photos at a September press conference in New York.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says there's no "basis whatsoever" for Iran to put on trial two U.S. hikers who remain imprisoned in Iran, more than one year after they were detained near Iran's border with Iraq.

Clinton said on October 19 in Washington that there are reports that Americans Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer will be put on trial starting November 6.

Clinton called on Iran to exercise what she called "the humanitarian option" and release the two men, just as a third American hiker, Sarah Shourd, was freed from Iranian custody on September 14.

Iranian authorities arrested the three hikers on July 31, 2009, near Iran's border with Iraqi Kurdistan, on accusations of spying and illegally entering Iran.

The three have rejected the charges, saying they must have mistakenly entered Iran while hiking.

compiled from agency reports