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July Deaths In Dispute As U.S., Iraqi Figures Differ

The site of a bomb blast in the Shi'ite neighbourhood of Sadr City in north Baghdad on July 28
Government reports say civilian deaths in Iraq rose by nearly 50 percent in July, from 204 in June to 396 in July.

But the U.S. military issued a statement refuting the Iraqi figures showing July as the deadliest month since May 2008.

U.S. data has 222 people killed in Iraq in July, 161 civilians, 55 members of Iraqi security forces, and six U.S. soldiers.

The Iraqi death toll for July is 535: 396 civilians, 89 policemen, and 50 soldiers.

The statement from the U.S. military called the Iraqi figures "incorrect."

Iraq has yet to form a government after the country's inconclusive parliamentary elections in March.

Though violence in the country has fallen since the height of sectarian violence in 2006 and 2007, attacks and bombings still occur regularly.

According to, some 100,000 Iraqi civilians have died since the U.S.-led invasion in 2003.

compiled from agency reports